Resources for Your Spiritual Life

Why Should You Care About These Resources?

Most of us are so busy there is hardly any time left for quiet devotion. Modern life has managed to invade our existence in so many ways, with deadlines and urgent things to take care of, that we forget our spiritual being is left unnourished for days and weeks at a time...

And then there are those times when we feel overwhelmed by difficulties, saddened by loses, discouraged by failures, and an inner emptiness seems to swallow all the good and worthwhile things in our lives...

For times like these, and for every day, really, we put together these resources so that you can get spiritual refreshment and strength as you go about your daily business.

Practical Christianity

Overcome Temptation
God and Healing

Inspirational Stories

Anger and Longevity
Danger of Arrogance
Have Patience
Be Compassionate
Inner Beauty
Mean Is Ugly
Secret Santa
Substitute Preacher
The Mouse Trap
Surprise in Heaven

Other Christian Sites

Spirit Baptisim -a site dedicated to help visitors understand and experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

40 Days Devotional - spend 40 amazing days with God and He will prepare you for earthís final crisis and Christís long-anticipated second coming.

Amazing Discoveries - a front-line evangelistic ministry that uses innovative methods to reach people for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Intercer - a Romanian-English Biblical Ministry.

Christian game and activity ideas

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