Essential Christianity - Love

A sermon about love in a series on essential Christianity by Pastor Cary Fry.

Sermon Excrept

... that's the power of love. And I'd like to suggest to you today that the love of God is similar. He doesn't care right now if you have other Gods; He doesn't care right now if you are in the world; He doesn't care right now if you don't even know He is on the radar; He doesn't care - He pursues you anyway. His love is after you. He is relentless. He is pouring out His love for every one of us. And He doesn't give up. We may ignore Him. We may have other lovers. But He doesn't care. His love is relentless. He kows what His plan is for us. And He's going to pour that love into our lives. He wants to wake us up. He wants to move us closer to Him.