Fear Not! - Why Christians Should Not Be Afraid

In this sermon, pastor Dennis Smith explains why Christians should not harbor fear, and why faith and fear cannot live together in the same person.

If you struggle with fear of others, fear of poverty, fear of disease, fear of natural disasters or even with fear of the devil, please take 30 minutes and listen to this sermon.

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Sermon Excrept


Fear Not - Sermon Summary

Revelation 1:17-18

Today we celebrate communion service Because of the truth of what we are celebrating Fear is opposite of faith Little real faith will exist on earth when Jesus comes How many times Christians think and even say, I’m worried about - Only those with strong faith will be ready for Christ’s return

Why Jesus will let you go through difficult situation now Faith is not believing God can. Faith is believing God will.

Fear is faith in the devil. Fear gives Satan right of passage in life – Job 3:25

Matt 28:18 - Jesus has all power in heaven and earth.
Luke 10:19 - We have all authority and power in Jesus Christ

Things W Should Not Fear

Fear not what man may try to do to you: - Heb 13:5-6

Ex: me – Scott 3, two young men – 16 to 18.
Ex: Jeanne – Indonesia, terrorist bombing Australian Embassy - glass flying – "Jesus save me!"
Ex: Plots against me – lies – 3ABN 2nd time - Lay hands on, people fall down, foam at mouth
Ex: Indonesia – Muslims hate Americans, Christians. Young men and teens – bin Laden Tee shirts. Mosques preach against Christians.
Prov 19:21

Fear not what man shall try to do to you!

Fear Not Nature

Storm: Ex: Mark 4:36-41 - disciples in boat in storm
Animals: Fear not threats from nature

Fear not disease or sicknessMark 16:17-18
Fear not sickness or disease

Fear not Satan in any form – possession, oppressions Fear not Satan in any form

Fear not financial crisis


Jesus is sovereign ruler over all things in heaven and earth This is what we are celebrating in the communion service today!