The Sabbath Rest

"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made." Gen. 2:2.

If we look at the account of Creation, God first worked, and then he rested. Adam, on the other hand, started his life with resting in the creation that God had made.

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Sermon Excrept

"God, in the person of Jesus Christ, did the work of redemption first. Jesus lived the sinless life, Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected, and the Christian begin his or her spiritual life resting in that truth. [...]

The Christian must begin by resting in what the Redeemer has done for us, and then begin his service. [...]

You see, here are some facts, some truths of God's word that you and I must rest in: You and I were crucified with Jesus. We were raised to life with Jesus in his resurrection. We are now sitting with Jesus in heaven (see Ephesians 2:6). Therefore, since Christ is exalted over every principality and power and dominion, we too are exalted above every principality and power and dominion, because we are with Jesus in heaven. [...]

We are to rest in the fact that Jesus will live out his life in and through us if we let him."

Only when we understand this truth can we cease from our labor and find true rest. This is the Biblical meaning of resting in Christ.

Sabbath Rest - Sermon Summary

Hebrews 4:1-11

Many parallels between Godís work of creation & His work of redemption

In Creation - God brought In redemption Ė God brings

Creation and the Gospel

We also find the gospel taught in the creation story. Situation for Adam was just the opposite. Same sequence true concerning manís redemption.

In Christ God completed work of redemption through His

Christís Exaltation

Ephesians 1:17-23.
Because of Christís exaltation:

Our Resurrection and Exaltation in Christ

Man begins experiencing Godís redemptive work by: Ephesians 2:5-7 the Christian:
We to rest in the fact that: We are to daily we rest in fact that: Once we rest in these truths: Definition: Rest = We accept by faith what God has done for our redemption.

Cease from Working

Hebrews 4:9-11
When we enter into Godís rest: If we donít enter into Godís rest: Why? Only way to victory over temptation and sin We must not hinder Godís work of redemption in our life Our part: Testimony Ė Rick Kulon

Sabbath Rest

As Seventh-day Adventists Now consider - Meaning of Sabbath "rest" Sabbath is memorial of two things. Every 7th day Sabbath, we are celebrating Godís work of redemption in our life. If we have not entered the rest of redemption: Abiding in Christ & Sabbath rest closely related. Those ready to meet Jesus:

Satanís Hatred of the Sabbath

As we understand true meaning of the 7th-day Sabbath Sabbath Ė Every week Satan confronted with a day memorializing Godís redeeming work, The "rest" of the Sabbath Everything about Sabbath This is why: Just as destruction of Godís people about to take place 7th day Sabbath will have remained in this earth Can you imagine what a day of rejoicing that will be!


Let us begin rejoicing now in Godís holy Sabbath day

Let us rejoice as we experience the "rest" in the salvation Christ has provided

Let us rejoice in the moment-by-moment deliverance Jesus is manifesting in us

Let us rejoice in the service He is performing through us every day

Let us rejoice in our eternity with Jesus

Jesus paid it all Jesus paid price so we can be free from: Jesus is the alpha and omega Ė It is Jesus from first to last in Godís work of salvation in your life