Sin's Solution

A two-part sermon series by Pastor Cary Fry.

Sermon Excrept

(Part I) ... the reason they can't fix [the economy] is because the solution is not even on the radar. The reason we are in the economic fix we're in is because of sin. We live in a culture that denies the existence of God. And if there is no God, there is no sin, and if there is no sin, there is no problem, right? And that's the world in which we live. The culprit behind our enonomic collapse as a country, and maybe personally as well, is sin. The sin, specifically, would be selfishness and greed. There are people who have chosen that they would not give up anything for anyone else.

I'm talking to you today about sin. We think of sin, as Christians, as a theological term that we bounce around and it really makes no difference. I'm trying to illustrate to you today that sin is what's destroying us. Sin is what's destroying our country. Sin is what's destroying our lives, our families, our enonomy, our environment. It all comes from sin...

(Part II) ... He is alive, just as He said He would be. [...] What does that mean? What does Scripture say this thing about Jesus living, dying and living again is all about?

First of all, as we discovered last week as we looked at this topic, we recognized that all humanity has sinned. We are all sinners. Sin separates us relationally fron God and other people. Sin brings death both spiritually and physically. The sin is a condition of the heart, not just the action. Sin limits human ability and is deceptive. Sin is pervasive. And all have sinned, and have fallen short of the glory of God. Except... who? Except Jesus!

Jesus lived this life just as we live this life, yet He was without sin. He was the only sinless being to walk the planet! He gave up his divinity, He laid it aside and relied wholly upon His Father to live a life of perfection that we are incapable of living without Him.