Sermons On The Book Of Revelation

The book of Revelation has fascinated and intrigued readers for centuries. From the seven churches, to the seven seals, to the seven trumpets, to the dramatic scenes of cosmic conflict in which the 144000 are caught in the middle, to the final scenes of God's victory and redemtion into a mind blowing restored earth, John's visions continue to represent for many a truly apocalyptic puzzle. This series of sermons by Pastor Cary Fry aims to decipher some of the key symbols and events of the book of Revelation. I like his emphasys on how we should related individually, and as a church, to these issues.

Sermons Summaries

1. The Seven Churches - for most readers and commentators, the seven churches presented early on in the book of Revelation are symbols of the seven stages Christianity went / will go through between Christ's first and second comings. Pastor Fry challenges us in this sermon to try to identify ourselves with the defining features, both positive and negative, of some of these churches, not just on a collective basis, but also on an individual level. You will be amazed at how familiar some of these characteristics sound...

2. The King of Kings. Pastor Fry starts by pointing out we humans have an innate need to look up at important figures around us to draw hope. He uses the example of presidents, where people pin their hopes on the future president that somehow, by electing this or that person, everything will come together and our lives and our society will be better. This innate need for somebody better, bigger and stronger than us sets us up for disappointment so many times. But there is one exception, and that is when we direct this need to its proper fulfilment, to Jesus, who is the king of kings.

3. Who Was, And Is, And Is To Come. In most Christian churches, there is a clear understanding of what Jesus Christ has done for us in the past, especially when he became flesh on this earth. Similarly, most Christians understand and believe Jesus will come in glory a second time to redeem and resurrect the faithful. But few are able to give a meaningful answer when asked about what is Christ doing now. Reviewing the seven seals of Revelation, Pastory Cary is detailing the work of Jesus in spreading the Gospel to the ends of the world, helping his people during wars (and these include the "small" wars - between family members, friends, etc.), and at times allowing the forces of evil to reveal just how dark they are... Listen to this sermon to understand what Jesus has been doing throughout history, and, even more importantly, what he CAN do for you today.

4. The 144000 And God's Seal. Who are the 144000 of Revelation 7? What is the seal that the 144000 receive? What does it take to receive this seal? Is the number 144000 to be understood literally or symbolically? Listen to this sermon to find answers to these and other related questions.

5. The 5th Trumpet. Out of the seven trumpets in the book of Revelation, the 5th trumpet is probably one of the most interesting and least understood. Stars falling from heaven... a botomless abyss with smoke coming out of it... locusts coming out of the smoke and starting to harm those who do not have God's seal for five months. It is obvious these are no ordinary locutsts, and that this trumpet vision is not talking about shooting stars either. Pastor Cary uses biblical symbols to decipher the message of this important trumpet.

6. A Pregnant Pause. In the middle of some of the most dramatic scenes John saw and writes about in the book of Revelation, theere is a pause full a meanting, a pregnant pause, as if God is trying to capture and redirect our attention to what is really important.