What It Means to Be a Disciple

All true Christians are disciples of Christ. But what does being a disciple of Christ actually mean? Watch this sermon to find out what it takes to become a disciple of Jesus today.

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Sermon Excerpt

"What is the real meaning of being a disciple?

There are many misconceptions about what being a disciple is all about. How many disciples did the primary church in the first century have?

We often think that we only read in the Bible about twelve, then later on about sixty disciples, but the reality is that when people were baptized into the church, they were not baptized as church members, they were baptized as disciples of Jesus Christ. Isn't that beautiful? [...]

There is a big difference between being a disciple and being a church member."

What It Means to Be a Disciple - Sermon Outline

What Is a Disciple?

  1. A disciple is someone who follows Jesus because of Love
  2. Jesusí Disciples are not impeccable, but they strive to be mature Christians
  3. The temptation of every disciple is telling God what to do
  4. Jesusí Disciples obey Him by sharing the bread of life with others
  5. A true disciple will never try to make disciples after himself and will work for the unity of Godís Church
  6. True followers of Christ will live naturally a lifestyle of discipleship and will help others to become disciples of Jesus